Thursday, November 18, 2010

No longer in Suburbia!

We moved to the West Side of Olympia about a month ago!!!! We are no longer in suburbia & life is sooooooo good. We live in a very small post-war era duplex. We can walk downtown! Jogging in our new neighborhood is so interesting! Plus the sidewalks are uneven and there are actually hills, which is great for exercise. We still need to bring home our records from Kaden's parents' house, and get a new needle, and hang our pictures (we have found we have too many). Also have been getting rid of a lot of stuff on Craigslist! Total thrill.

There have been some very exciting events lately: The Night of the Living Tribute Bands show on Halloween; the very first Wild Flag show; The Need & The Gossip after The Decline of Western Civilization at the Olympia Film Festival ALL IN WALKING DISTANCE. And we walk to the food co-op all the time (we're becoming hippies). LOVE living on the West Side!

These are the only two photos of the new place I have:

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