Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is what my life will be like in Bellingham, when I am the quirky, friendly, helpful young gal working for the Printing, Graphics, Web and Copyright Services at Western Washington University.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Found the Perfect Job

At Western Washington University: Printing, Graphics, Web and Copyright Services

Printing, Graphics, Web and Copyright Services, a division of External Affairs, provides all of the campus printing and copying needs in a variety of locations on campus. Printing, Graphics, Web and Copyright Services offers a full range of design, printing, copying and copyright services, from self-service copying and high-speed photocopying to graphic design and full color printing. Support is provided to all campus departments as well as individuals working on university related projects.

Printing, Graphics, Web and Copyright Services is the WWU official state agent for the production and purchase of the university's design, printing, copying and binding requirements.

I am so thrilled to know that they have a place like this at Western! I can work there! I have exactly the kind of experience for such a place.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty down about the "recession", fearing that I won't be able to find a decent job in Bellingham because no one will be hiring in a recession I checked out the employment opportunities at Western, because I figured there would be good benefits at a University, and there are! Including use of gym facilities and other "Employee Recreation and Wellness Programs". So exciting! I am focusing on manifesting this job becoming a reality for me in September.

Shortly after I discovered my dream job possibility, we went out jogging. Everything was so green & lush on the trail we jog. While I was walking between the two parts of my jog (approximately 14 minutes & 11 minutes), guess what I found?? A FOUR LEAF CLOVER! To me, that means that I will definitely get a job in the Printing, Graphics, Web and Copyright Services at Western Washington University. I am making it my reality. I am THINKING BIG. I am thrilled to KNOW WHAT I WANT because now I can work towards getting it, rather than moseying along hoping something comes up.

I would like to mention the awesome positivity and inspiration I've gotten from iCiNG by Gala Darling and Indulgences by Miss Cedar. These blogs have guided me along into positive thinking like I have never experienced. Miss Cedar suggested creating a blog when planning and carrying out a move (which I have created here) in How to Adjust to Moving to a New Place. Gala Darling's How To Set Amazing Goals is guiding me to The Perfect Job. Other articles and ideas by Gala Darling have inspired me to dig deeper to find the root of a problem when I encounter emotional and physical bothers, and to get in shape with healthy eating and exercise. My life has changed a lot this year, and I owe no small debt to the bloggers who have inspired me!

Monday, May 5, 2008

To Do: Find an Important Photograph

Now and then, I remember this very important thing to freak out about.

Sometime when I was 19, I took this picture out of a photo album at my parents' house. It's a photo of me and my dad when I was a baby. He is crouched down, holding me to stand up barefoot in a creek at my mom's cousin's house in Belfair, Washington. I'm obviously squealing in the cold water. My dad is wearing work boots and has shaggy hair. We both look delighted. I had it on the wall in my bedroom, when I was 19. Once my dad came over and was mad that I took the picture away. He was afraid I'd lose it.

And I haven't seen it in years. I figure, it MUST be around, somewhere, but the last time I remember seeing it was, you know, when I was 19, living in an apartment in The New Villa Capri. Mostly I'm afraid it could've gotten stuck in a book that got sold or given away.

BUT I am bound and determined to find it, and I want to go through every single item in our home "with a fine toothed comb" to find it. I am manifesting myself discovering it. I will find it by the end of this week. I WILL FIND IT BY FRIDAY. I WILL.

Friday, May 2, 2008

To Do: Sewing & Mending

I have many sewing & mending projects that have been "on the back burner"...and I mean the WAY back burner. I have a couple neat thrift dresses I want to alter, Dickie's pants to be hemmed, shirts with holes here and there, and then the big project I want to do: Sew my vintage bedsheets onto new fitted bedsheets so they'll fit over my big ol' memory foam topper. I have a few sheet sets that were my parents from the 70s that I absolutely LOVE, they have the most gorgeous floral prints, and they are the smoothest, coolest summer sheets you can imagine (fuck thread count!).

A few months ago Kaden & I inherited my younger sister's pillow-top mattress and memory foam mattress topper when my parents bought her a queen sized bed. I guess it pays to never move out! Now none of these older sheets with failing elastic could possibly stay on the bed. But I LOVE them and will not give up on them! I had the brilliant idea that I could get my sister, who works at Linens n Things, to buy some discount BIG-ASS sheets that I could sew my old sheets onto! Then they would fit on our bed! Absolutely brilliant. However, after we move to Bellingham, I won't have access to a sewing machine, or my mom's "help" (by "help" I mean she shows me how to do it and I mess it up until she decides it's too difficult for me and does it herself!).

I have a very large "To Do" list for things I need to accomplish before the end of August...the sewing projects should move on up because the dresses & sheets are great for the summer!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lifeguard of Love Introduction.

Hi, I'm Liina. I'll be 25 in 12 days. I was born and raised in Olympia, Washington, continue to live here, and have never lived anywhere else.

On April 16, Kaden, my boyfriend of almost 5 years, was accepted into Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington for their Graduate Program in History. It's his dream come true; he'll be researching history in their Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, where he plans to study religion in the Pacific Northwest, among other things I'm sure. We will be moving to Bellingham in September. Our lease in Olympia ends with August's end.

I've never moved farther than across town, and a small town, at that. It's both exciting and terrifying.

  • Exciting: I have never known my context or the context of the world outside of Olympia. This is an awesome chance to see what I'm made of, and who I'll become in a new place.

  • Terrifying: I've never lived more than 20 minutes from my family, and I love them very much & enjoy their company. I am going to miss being able to stop in for a visit whenever I want.

  • Exciting: Living with just Kaden & no roommates. Cleaning & decorating for ourselves & no one else.We've had the same roommate for almost 5 years; though we love him, he doesn't live the same lifestyle we do. We're ready to be adults on our own.

  • Terrifying: What if I can't get a job with health insurance or other awesome benefits I have at my current job? What if we can't find a house that's as cool as the one we live in now? We're not going to be picky about housing, we decided, even a cookie cutter apartment is OK to start out with - but check out how cool the house we live in now is:

I trust the universe to send us a house this bitchin
in the future...but it's still hard to leave.

I have about 4 months left in Olympia, and this blog is devoted to my whole process of leaving Olympia and making a new life in Bellingham.