Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,
I want a small apartment that is just right for Kaden & me, so that we can downsize even more and live a tiny lifestyle, in style.

Happy & Positive

I'm feeling really happy & positive today - like my life could subtly change for the better real soon. Like I have a clear vision of the world I want to create, and everything I do supports this vision.

The "apartment" built onto my parents house seems to be a fantasy that is slipping we are at the end of July and the plans haven't even been approved. The foundation was supposed to be set by the time we moved, in the first week of that Kaden (my man) and Kevin (my sister Laila's boyfriend) could work on it all summer. The ground has not even been dug out for the foundation yet. So...I think we will be looking at renting pretty soon. I would like my own place. I love Cree & Kristina and have no problems living with them, but, I would like my own place. Shared with Kaden. I think I need more responsibility. When I am without responsibility, my mind is too free to be negative.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Things that might improve my quality of life: gauzy curtains, deeply colored walls, furniture in fields.
Things I Love Thursday (as found on
  1. Two mindblowing shows in a row by The Need, in Olympia & Portland. My horoscope said “The time has come for you to receive a blessing from the highest expression of feminine power”, and I think that was IT.
  2. Hanging baskets overflowing with petunias in Tenino, Washington.
  3. A new bar of my favorite handmade honeysuckle soap.
  4. Amaaaaaaaaazing tempeh gyros with garlic-cucumber-yogurt sauce made by my boyfriend; amaaaaaaaaaazing roasted potato mini pizzas with balsamic glaze!!!! also by same boyfriend.
  5. Ace of Spades by Motorhead.
  6. Looking at wedding rings made by local artists on Etsy/planning our tiny secret wedding (after 7 years of engagement).
  7. Helping my mom clutter clear.
  8. Health week! Massage, yoga, counseling & asthma meds!
  9. My Alicia Silverstone toiletries case, ha ha ha. I love being a low maintenence girl – the simple contents make me feel secure.
  10. The hot pink hairbrush I have used for the past 16 years!!!
  11. Additionally: the yoga class at Living Spirit Yoga that made me feel far better than the massage I got on Monday! I am still looking for the right class for me, though - I might like something a little more spiritual.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I keep an InDesign document breaking down the work I have to do at my job (I run digital printing machines at a book printing company). On the second page of this document I keep my goals for each day of the week. Below the goals I keep all the inspirational bits I read online and want to remember, including my weekly Free Will Astrology horoscopes, and my affirmations. It kinda keeps me going. I also print a copy to keep at home or in my bag. It looks like this:

Liinas Work.indd
(you can click to see a larger version on flickr)

Some of this stuff came from Gala Darling and Laura Jane Faulds, and some from other sources that I do not remember, so thanks to all of them!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I can't help but wonder.

I can't help but wonder if moving to Olympia was a mistake; if we should have stayed in Bellingham or gone somewhere new altogether. I wanted to be closer to my family & my BFF sooooooooooo badly when I was in Bellingham for (almost) 2 years. Now we are living with my BFF & seeing my family daily, and, I miss how we were hermits. I miss long mornings & evenings cooking & reading & enjoying records.

I read blogs where people's lives seem so romantic. Maybe it's their photography styles & corners that are romantic. I feel that I lack a certain element of femininity. And I know there is nothing wrong with that. It wouldn't feel right on me; doesn't feel right. So why would I want it so much? Why do I make things like this?

Monday, July 19, 2010

At Home with Liina

For many years I have pored over home design books & blogs. Sometimes I wish so much that my style was bold & angular & quirky, but it isn't; it's round & romantic & quirky. It's mine. Soon I am going to take some pictures of the rooms where Kaden & I are living now. I love them both; they're both filled with "our stuff". But it's especially great how Kaden took all the sort of lodge-style stuff & I took all the kinda frilly stuff (frilly is an overstatement). It's like we separated out the "masculine" & "feminine" sides of our decor theme. Here are some of my favorite parts of our combined decor in our old apartment in Bellingham. It was pretty much the best apartment ever & really exemplified our style.



this was kinda my special area, an altar to some degree
but I've never been good with maintaining altars.


the best table in the woooooooooorld!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Return to Olympia

I want to use this blog again. I originally created it to write about my move first move away from my hometown, from Olympia to Bellingham in 2008. But when I actually moved, I didn't have internet access at home and had a busy stand-up job at Copy Source. But it was good that way, it was great to spend almost 2 years essentially away from The Internet.

Now I am back in Olympia, back at my old job at Gorham Printing, and living in the most suburban neighborhood I can imagine. And I wanna write about it.