Thursday, July 29, 2010


Things that might improve my quality of life: gauzy curtains, deeply colored walls, furniture in fields.
Things I Love Thursday (as found on
  1. Two mindblowing shows in a row by The Need, in Olympia & Portland. My horoscope said “The time has come for you to receive a blessing from the highest expression of feminine power”, and I think that was IT.
  2. Hanging baskets overflowing with petunias in Tenino, Washington.
  3. A new bar of my favorite handmade honeysuckle soap.
  4. Amaaaaaaaaazing tempeh gyros with garlic-cucumber-yogurt sauce made by my boyfriend; amaaaaaaaaaazing roasted potato mini pizzas with balsamic glaze!!!! also by same boyfriend.
  5. Ace of Spades by Motorhead.
  6. Looking at wedding rings made by local artists on Etsy/planning our tiny secret wedding (after 7 years of engagement).
  7. Helping my mom clutter clear.
  8. Health week! Massage, yoga, counseling & asthma meds!
  9. My Alicia Silverstone toiletries case, ha ha ha. I love being a low maintenence girl – the simple contents make me feel secure.
  10. The hot pink hairbrush I have used for the past 16 years!!!
  11. Additionally: the yoga class at Living Spirit Yoga that made me feel far better than the massage I got on Monday! I am still looking for the right class for me, though - I might like something a little more spiritual.

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