Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I can't help but wonder.

I can't help but wonder if moving to Olympia was a mistake; if we should have stayed in Bellingham or gone somewhere new altogether. I wanted to be closer to my family & my BFF sooooooooooo badly when I was in Bellingham for (almost) 2 years. Now we are living with my BFF & seeing my family daily, and, I miss how we were hermits. I miss long mornings & evenings cooking & reading & enjoying records.

I read blogs where people's lives seem so romantic. Maybe it's their photography styles & corners that are romantic. I feel that I lack a certain element of femininity. And I know there is nothing wrong with that. It wouldn't feel right on me; doesn't feel right. So why would I want it so much? Why do I make things like this?

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