Monday, July 19, 2010

At Home with Liina

For many years I have pored over home design books & blogs. Sometimes I wish so much that my style was bold & angular & quirky, but it isn't; it's round & romantic & quirky. It's mine. Soon I am going to take some pictures of the rooms where Kaden & I are living now. I love them both; they're both filled with "our stuff". But it's especially great how Kaden took all the sort of lodge-style stuff & I took all the kinda frilly stuff (frilly is an overstatement). It's like we separated out the "masculine" & "feminine" sides of our decor theme. Here are some of my favorite parts of our combined decor in our old apartment in Bellingham. It was pretty much the best apartment ever & really exemplified our style.



this was kinda my special area, an altar to some degree
but I've never been good with maintaining altars.


the best table in the woooooooooorld!


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