Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy & Positive

I'm feeling really happy & positive today - like my life could subtly change for the better real soon. Like I have a clear vision of the world I want to create, and everything I do supports this vision.

The "apartment" built onto my parents house seems to be a fantasy that is slipping we are at the end of July and the plans haven't even been approved. The foundation was supposed to be set by the time we moved, in the first week of that Kaden (my man) and Kevin (my sister Laila's boyfriend) could work on it all summer. The ground has not even been dug out for the foundation yet. So...I think we will be looking at renting pretty soon. I would like my own place. I love Cree & Kristina and have no problems living with them, but, I would like my own place. Shared with Kaden. I think I need more responsibility. When I am without responsibility, my mind is too free to be negative.

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