Monday, May 5, 2008

To Do: Find an Important Photograph

Now and then, I remember this very important thing to freak out about.

Sometime when I was 19, I took this picture out of a photo album at my parents' house. It's a photo of me and my dad when I was a baby. He is crouched down, holding me to stand up barefoot in a creek at my mom's cousin's house in Belfair, Washington. I'm obviously squealing in the cold water. My dad is wearing work boots and has shaggy hair. We both look delighted. I had it on the wall in my bedroom, when I was 19. Once my dad came over and was mad that I took the picture away. He was afraid I'd lose it.

And I haven't seen it in years. I figure, it MUST be around, somewhere, but the last time I remember seeing it was, you know, when I was 19, living in an apartment in The New Villa Capri. Mostly I'm afraid it could've gotten stuck in a book that got sold or given away.

BUT I am bound and determined to find it, and I want to go through every single item in our home "with a fine toothed comb" to find it. I am manifesting myself discovering it. I will find it by the end of this week. I WILL FIND IT BY FRIDAY. I WILL.

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