Friday, May 2, 2008

To Do: Sewing & Mending

I have many sewing & mending projects that have been "on the back burner"...and I mean the WAY back burner. I have a couple neat thrift dresses I want to alter, Dickie's pants to be hemmed, shirts with holes here and there, and then the big project I want to do: Sew my vintage bedsheets onto new fitted bedsheets so they'll fit over my big ol' memory foam topper. I have a few sheet sets that were my parents from the 70s that I absolutely LOVE, they have the most gorgeous floral prints, and they are the smoothest, coolest summer sheets you can imagine (fuck thread count!).

A few months ago Kaden & I inherited my younger sister's pillow-top mattress and memory foam mattress topper when my parents bought her a queen sized bed. I guess it pays to never move out! Now none of these older sheets with failing elastic could possibly stay on the bed. But I LOVE them and will not give up on them! I had the brilliant idea that I could get my sister, who works at Linens n Things, to buy some discount BIG-ASS sheets that I could sew my old sheets onto! Then they would fit on our bed! Absolutely brilliant. However, after we move to Bellingham, I won't have access to a sewing machine, or my mom's "help" (by "help" I mean she shows me how to do it and I mess it up until she decides it's too difficult for me and does it herself!).

I have a very large "To Do" list for things I need to accomplish before the end of August...the sewing projects should move on up because the dresses & sheets are great for the summer!

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