Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lifeguard of Love Introduction.

Hi, I'm Liina. I'll be 25 in 12 days. I was born and raised in Olympia, Washington, continue to live here, and have never lived anywhere else.

On April 16, Kaden, my boyfriend of almost 5 years, was accepted into Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington for their Graduate Program in History. It's his dream come true; he'll be researching history in their Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, where he plans to study religion in the Pacific Northwest, among other things I'm sure. We will be moving to Bellingham in September. Our lease in Olympia ends with August's end.

I've never moved farther than across town, and a small town, at that. It's both exciting and terrifying.

  • Exciting: I have never known my context or the context of the world outside of Olympia. This is an awesome chance to see what I'm made of, and who I'll become in a new place.

  • Terrifying: I've never lived more than 20 minutes from my family, and I love them very much & enjoy their company. I am going to miss being able to stop in for a visit whenever I want.

  • Exciting: Living with just Kaden & no roommates. Cleaning & decorating for ourselves & no one else.We've had the same roommate for almost 5 years; though we love him, he doesn't live the same lifestyle we do. We're ready to be adults on our own.

  • Terrifying: What if I can't get a job with health insurance or other awesome benefits I have at my current job? What if we can't find a house that's as cool as the one we live in now? We're not going to be picky about housing, we decided, even a cookie cutter apartment is OK to start out with - but check out how cool the house we live in now is:

I trust the universe to send us a house this bitchin
in the future...but it's still hard to leave.

I have about 4 months left in Olympia, and this blog is devoted to my whole process of leaving Olympia and making a new life in Bellingham.

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