Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm thinking of moving this blog to Wordpress, because I feel limited in design by Blogger. Any opinions? Any success stories about moving blogs?


Jenny @ exconsumer said...

Hi Liina! I actually started my blog on Blogger about a year ago and then moved it to Wordpress at the beginning of this year. I LOVE Wordpress.

It was easy to import my posts too, there was a Wordpress plugin I used specifically for importing Blogger posts into a Wordpress site. Piece of cake!

Liina said...

Jenny, thanks for the tip! I may do that. However, I was looking at Wordpress and it still didn't seem to have the design flexibility I'm looking for - I guess I will have to learn to use CSS!

Anonymous said...

The freebie WordPress site you can get at is pretty mediocre, since you can't install plugins, etc.

Self-hosted WordPress sites (which, incidentally, would probably be required to use the plugin Jenny suggests above) lets you do a pretty much infinite amount of themes.

Design flexibility is as flexible as you want with the self-hosted option - you just need to either know how to do it yourself, find it pre-done, or pay somebody to do it for you!

Tasmanian Vegan & Minimalist said...

I guess I like blogger 'cause it is easy for a lazy slob like myself !

Liina said...

I hear that!!