Monday, July 25, 2011

Exciting & Intimidating Declutter Project: Bedroom

This week, I'm about to embark on something intimidating: decluttering the bedroom.

I have to, for my allergies. On our weekend vacation in Eugene, we stayed in a VERY clean room (Timbers Motel), and I jogged for an HOUR on Sunday morning - honestly, the best run I've ever had. This morning, back at home, I was barely able to run for 20 minutes. I had allergy testing a few weeks ago, and I am most allergic to DUST. I think I vaguely mentioned my trip to the allergist in a previous post. Basically they wanted me to go on a bunch of creepy meds, and I don't want to. But I've been dragging my heels on making an appointment with a naturopathic doctor. I even found the doctor I'd like to go to. But I hate making appointments. It's silly. It takes almost no time. I've procrastinated for THREE MONTHS on scheduling a teeth cleaning before. I will do it today. How about that?

I'm already frustrated and excited about decluttering the bedroom, and I haven't started yet - though I suppose visualizing and planning is a start! There is a totally unnecessary end table in the bedroom. All it is holding is my husband's binders from graduate school. There is an under-the-bed bin FULL of 100s of CDs. There are wedding gifts I have no intention of using under the bed. There are two bookshelves. There are 3 lamps. There is a filing cabinet. There is a dresser. There is a vintage laminate tray holding 3 old soda bottles. There is a vase with fake flowers. There is a coin jar. There is a memory foam mattress topper that I am giving to a friend but haven't gotten around to dropping it off yet. There is backpacking equipment and suitcases in the closet. Extra sheets and pillowcases. My box of stationery and zines. And all the clothes.

I'd love to get it down to the bed, the dresser, the sheets and the clothes. I think the 100s of CDs in the bin will have to stay, too, for lack of an alternative.

Kaden asked what we were going to do with it all. I couldn't answer.

But I am going to declutter the bedroom. I am going to start this week. I am going to make an appointment with the naturopathic doctor. Today. My goal is to have my asthma and allergies managed by OCTOBER 1. And if I accomplish that (which I suppose only I can evaluate, ha ha), I will sign myself up for Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Bootcamp. I'm really excited for this unusual challenge. I feel like my asthma and allergies are pretty much the only thing holding me back from realizing my full life potential. And I don't want them to control/disrupt my life any more.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could say I found a natural way to control my allergies, but the only thing that works is the meds. Well when I say works, I mean helps a little Im most allergic to dust too, and it sucks.I cant believe in this day and age so little research goes into this condition.

tammy j said...

i read once in a book about de-cluttering that clutter itself can make it hard for you to breathe. both physically (the dust of the stuff sitting around) and pyschologically just because it is all so opressive.
i have a bed queen size, a chest of drawers, a nightstand. a wicker chair for reading and a glass topped table with a lamp nearby.
that's truly all you need.
try it!!! best of luck

Beth said...

Having dealt with allergies for about 25 years now, I can understand your frustration. Good luck finding something that works for you.
We are packing all of our stuff into a POD this week for storage. I thought I had gotten rid of so much stuff but as we're packing, I know we didn't get rid of enough. I have also found my bedroom to be especially hard to declutter. Everything ends up in there and I just never get around to dealing with it. I think your end goal of what you'd like to stay in the bedroom is very reasonable and doable. Happy Decluttering!

Tanja from Minimalist Packrat said...

It's going to be wonderful Liina! Think about it, you can CHANGE your life this week. You can CHANGE your life. Just like me with my silly smoking and Dr. Pepper. It took me two weeks of moaning around in self-pity to get over the addiction. After years and years of procrastination that was all it took! 2 weeks.

About those cd's. If you're not ready to downsize them, why not buy a cheap cd binder and toss the disc cases? They'll take up a fraction of the space.

Ooooh. Or once you've got everything you're getting rid of picked out (this is fun) host a stuff swap party with your friends. Let them know things that are on your list (that you want) and things you're getting rid of. Maybe someone has a few extra cd binders laying around their house and they'd looooove to trade for your end table. :)

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist said...

You are a woman on a mission, a mission you can conquer. All the best to you :)