Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm totally not into any of this right now. I'm writing a silly novel about teenage stoners, learning about all the horrible shit that's going on in the world, & enjoying life. All at the same time!


K.D. said...

Not into blogging? Not into the allergy test diet?
I'm glad you're enjoying life!
I have pretty much abandoned my blog. We're in the midst of a project I could totally blog about, but I have little time and/or (apparently) desire to do so.
I'd love to hear more about your novel -- but I get that you may prefer to write the novel than to write about writing the novel while writing the novel!

Liina said...

Thanks for your sweet comment =) I didn't finish my novel during the month of November, haha. It's just, like, the novel I want to read, and no one has written it (I assume), so I did. It is an aimless ramble about queer teenagers getting stoned. Not directly autobiographical, but I did take some bits & pieces from my own life, that I never could have used back when I *was* a queer teenaged stoner, trying to write fiction!