Monday, March 7, 2011

A Link.

OK, this blog post I just read is fucking amazing. It brought a tear to my eye in self-recognition. It is EXACTLY what I need to read RIGHT NOW.

I hope whomever clicks on this will also be blown away.

Access Your Power by Danielle LaPorte.

I'm not clutter clearing because something was wrong before. I am clutter clearing to access my power. My dissatisfying wardrobe did not reflect a failure as a woman - but through its improvement, I have accessed power - the power to put my clothes away with ease, because there is room for all of them; the power to choose an outfit quickly and use more time on important stuff.

I am seeing this so clearly in so many areas of my life. What a thrill! To cite a very personal example...I am not accessing power when I ask Kaden if he has washed his hands and it drives a wedge between us. I can access power by letting it go.

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