Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I want to blog.

I think about things all the time and I'm like, oh, I can't blog that, I don't know enough about it or whatever. How silly; it's not like I'm trying to make money on this endeavor. I can write about anything I want!

I'll be a little behind on writing about my "New Years Resolutions." I did a lot of work on this type of thing in the past week or so. I did a Year End Review per The Personal Excellence Blog. I studied How To Set Amazing Goals per Gala Darling. I made a list of ANTI-Resolutions per Free Will Astrology. Then I worked on creating a morning ritual along with The 10 o'clock Rule (it's 8 o'clock, for me). And I ALSO registered & paid for a
Financial Planning class, which is one of the steps I am taking towards my goals this year.

Taking that first step was seriously, truthfully, a BIG THRILL. It made me feel like I could do anything.

The notebook I wrote all this shit down in is not present, but here are the most important parts:
This year I intend to maintain a loving, peaceful, & sexy relationship with my man.
I intend to increase my confidence by taking First Aid & Financial Planning classes.
I intend to create a creative outlet by taking art classes.
I intend to help my parents clean their house & property.
I intend to spend more one-on-one time with my sister.
I intend to improve my wardrobe and MAYBE EVEN learn how to wear makeup (I am 27 and have never worn makeup for more than one isolated night at a time, usually years apart).
I intend to improve my motivation for learning new things at work.

And here is the big scary good one: I intend to learn how to play electric guitar & play in a band (even if the "band" turns out to be just me & my husband), because that is pretty much the ONLY thing I have EVER wanted to do, and even though I am 27, I will NOT use the excuse that I am "too old" because that is absurd. I'm in my god damn prime.

Am I not? I am.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liina!

Thanks so much for dropping a note on my blog, particularly the comment on my "real keeping". I read through the first page of your blog and I was kind of unable to decide where to comment because almost all of your posts made me want to say things- rad!
So, don't worry if you think that you don't look cool enough to be super cool because the fact that you like and are going to see The Need (so jealous!) is, like, about as cool as it gets. Oh! and I just revamped my clothing situation because I realized that the "nice" clothes that I was wearing at 27 were the same "nice" clothes I was wearing at 17. Yikes!

Liina said...

Thank yoooooooooou for your sweet comment! The Need are definitely as cool as it gets; it's true.