Friday, June 3, 2011

To Do List:

To Do List, Summer 2011:

1. Read lots of entertaining books, in the sun, wearing the $1.99 bikini I got from Goodwill.

2. Clean the chrome legs of my dining table.

3. Remove everything from bedroom and thoroughly clean. Get lighter-colored window coverings.

4. Clean & paint FREE outdoor table I carried home from the side of the road last week.

5. Practice nonviolent communication and reduce household stress in every way.

6. Cook tons of good things, especially on the grill.


Jenny @ exconsumer said...

This sounds like a fabulous to-do list Liina!

So, now I'm curious about #5. Do you typically communicate with your fists at home? ;)

Tanja from Minimalist Packrat said...

A bikini! My to do list for the summer. Lose weight!

Liina said...

Tanja - the bikini is to be worn ONLY in the privacy of my fenced in back concrete-slab (not quite a porch haha)

Jenny - Violence is not always physical! Seriously, if you are interested, "Nonviolent Communication" by Marshal Rosenthal ( is the text for the class I'm taking, and it's totally fascinating. Though HARD to put into practice.

Liina said...

I also want to revise/add to my comment to Tanja - weight doesn't have to keep you from wearing a bikini! I totally support people of any size wearing whatever they feel comfortable in! I mostly want to keep my bikini-self out of the public eye because I don't subscribe to conventional beauty standards with regards to body hair hahaha