Thursday, June 2, 2011

I love you! (Thursday)

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I love you Bradford Cox, for putting free downloads on your blog. You make wonderful music. I love your Christmas songs; I love listening to them in June.

I love you Nonviolent Communication class. You are so hard to put into practice, but so fascinating to explore.

I love you music writing, academic and popular. You engage me. I hope I can find some examples discussing music and class relations!

I love you dumb articles about "millennial" college graduates; the meaning of "Middle Class" is going to have to grow and change.

I love you vegan cooking. I'm thinking about actually going pescatarian; the last several times I have eaten meat it has been soooooo worthless and disappointing. But the veggie things I've cooked and eaten have been AMAZING.

I love you hypo-allergenic mattress cover.

I love you mid-century Technicolor Westerns. Thanks for always having Happy Endings!

I love you stranger-girls-I-follow-on-Tumblr. Your posts are so awesome; where do you find that shit!?

I love you Kaden Jelsing, we are going to keep having so much fun!!

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