Monday, August 22, 2011

I've Decluttered, Now What?

I love decluttering. Sometimes I feel like it is my life's work, what I am meant to do. Sometimes it is my favorite thing to do.

But it's the next step that is a pain in my ass, getting rid of stuff. I declutter and everything goes into a pile (preferably in a box or bag) behind my couch, which puts it basically in the walkway between the dining room and living room. Several weeks ago we took the memory foam topper off of our bed. I have a friend I am going to give it to. Weeks after that, I laundered the cover, and put it in a huge garbage bag to deliver. It has been weeks more since then. We also cleared off a bookshelf; have a friend to give it to. It has sat empty for, again, weeks. I also have bags of clothes that have been in the "get rid of stuff" area for months. And some books and DVDs that were borrowed and need to be returned. I have a box of stuff that I was going to send to my friend James probably 8 months ago. It sat by my desk at work, waiting to be shipped. Then James actually moved back to town...and the box is still sitting by my desk. At work.

It's been a weird time the past couple of weeks. I've had a typing job to do that is taking up all my spare at-home time, and besides that I've just been busy, I don't know with what. We spent 4 weekends in a row away from home, which meant at least one of the 5 weeknights spent packing and prepping. This weekend we finally stayed home, but the weather was beautiful and I had to type (luckily on the laptop outside!), so what I'm trying to say is, I haven't spent much time inside the house.

On Saturday night we watched Amelie and I'd never seen it before. After that our house looked perfect, all glowy yellow, before we went to bed. But Sunday it was all hot and bright outside and dark and dirty inside. When I finish my typing job I'll do some real work around there. But I want to take the clothes to Buffalo Exchange in Bellingham. We're going to Bellingham at the end of September.


K.D. said...

Liina, I think this is kind of exciting, because one day you can do a big clutter delivery binge and then you will have all of this stuff out of your home.
You've done the hard stuff and that day will come.
In the meantime, savour your memories of your weekend trips. Travel is time-consuming but living is what life is all about.

Cat's Meow said...

I'm the same way, the biggest pain was getting the stuff out of the house. The actual picking and choosing and bagging stuff up is fun :)
I think that you should schedule how and when you are getting rid of all those things, and then JUST DO IT. It will feel great after it's gone!

Rachel said...

I am exactly the same! I have three boxes of stuff downstairs waiting to be taken to the local charity shop that have been there for over two months now. The problem I have is two-fold I find it hard to let go of some stuff so I like to leave my donations for a few weeks just to make sure there's nothing in there I do actually need, and the second is often I think I could sell the stuff online to make some extra cash so I leave it in a box to sell online but I never get around to doing it because it requires far too much effort. It really is a terrible cycle to be in.

K.D. said...

Further to Rachel's comment, I too am tempted by the siren-call of the sale.
I had a garage sale last weekend despite all advice to the contrary. Sadly, the proceeds weren't really worth the time. Happily, that stuff is gone(!).
Now back to the piles of things I plan to sell online because they were "too valuable" to include in the garage sale... How silly is that? Embarrassing really.

Liina said...

Yeah, I suffer from trying to sell clothes, and end up with large amounts of "trade" at used clothing stores that have nothing that interests me. I trip up on trying to make sure things go to the BEST place, like which should be donated to real charities (like blankets to the women's shelter), given to friends (if it's something really cool or semi-valuable), traded at a used clothing store, or dumped off at Goodwill. So I end up having a lot of different piles - occasionally I drop everything off at Goodwill consoling myself by saying how someone will be REALLY EXCITED to find something good there!!