Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do what you say you're going to do.

Sometime over the past several months, I read something, somewhere, about how the quality the writer most admired in people was when they said they would do something AND DID IT.

I have tended towards the "wishy washy" for as long as I can remember, and it has seemed to worsen with age: the fear of not making the best decision, the most perfect plan for everyone involved, has caused me to agonize over choices, causing stress on myself and everyone I invite/implore to help me decide.

Last night, my BFF had invited me to a micro-brewery event, and I thought it was at the restaurant where she works. Last night was also the Ash Wednesday Service at Unity of Olympia, and I had planned to go to that for a few weeks. I didn't want to break my commitment to myself, but I wanted to see my homies - a lot of them work weekends and can't hang out, while I work weekdays. I came up with a brilliant solution: I would do both! It would keep me up past my bedtime, but I value being flexible, within reason. After a wonderful service (which I may write more about, if I feel like getting personal in the near future) I arrived at my BFF's restaurant and there were like no cars in the parking lot. So I discovered the event was actually at the restaurant where her wife works, which is another 15 minutes away, putting me at a half-hour drive home after hanging out.

For a few moments I thought I might give it up and go home, apologizing for wimping out on my plans to hang out once again. I had to make a decision.

But maybe it didn't have to be the best decision; maybe I didn't have to sit in the dark parking lot hemming & hawing over the pros and cons. Maybe I could just DO what I said I was going to DO in the first place.

I followed through on my commitment and went out to the brewery event. I hung out with my peeps, drank 1/3 of 1 beer, and had some good laughs. I got to bed more than an hour and a half "late", but I feel so good about doing what I said I was going to do!

It hadn't occurred to me before that part of simplifying life can (and likely SHOULD!) mean making fewer decisions. I am so excited about it! It makes life easier for everyone, especially myself. With this new plan, I will find the agony of making the "right" choice greatly diminishing in the near future!

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