Friday, March 25, 2011

Wardrobe: Before & After.

First I'd like to mention: whomever "Anonymous" is commenting, I want to say thanks for all the comments & compliments!

Now onto the content - the contents of the closets! I did a MAJOR overhaul of my wardrobe in the past couple months. I've written about it HERE & earlier HERE.

BEFORE: Hers & His

AFTER: Hers & His

And just for fun, here's all the stuff we've decluttered in about a 2 week time frame!
Now we've gotta get it out of the house...

Hahaha, Movie Monsters, Fly by Night, Romy & Michelle...

Oh and for even more fun, here are the home made English Muffins that Kaden hand-crafted!

ps. got tired of that green/yellow background. Trying something lighter!


Anonymous said...

Way to go on the decluttering! That looks like a large amount of stuff that somebody at the thrift store should be happy to get.

Those English muffins look really good - care to share a recipe?

Liina said...

Robert -

Thanks for the comment!

I've got it organized (believe it or not haha) by which organization I'm donating to. Blankets to Domestic Violence Shelter, old towels to the Animal Shelter, good stuff to the church rummage sale, lousy stuff to Goodwill, a box of fancy shoes which I NEVER wear to a friend...etc!

The recipe was from the magazine Vegetarian Times, I can't seem to find it on their website! I'll try to get back to you on that =)

Jenny @ exconsumer said...

Hey Liina. Great job on the closets! We've been decluttering our closets too, only we had a shameful number of bags to donate to Goodwill afterwards. I don't know where we even fit all of those clothes!

And I'm with Robert on the English Muffins. Yum! Those look great.

P.S. I <3 Trader Joe's (noticed the bags)! It's where I buy almost all of my groceries.

Liina said...

Jenny - NO SHAME IN DECLUTTERING! =) I know what you mean. I'm always so amazed when I look at my piles of stuff and I was like...where did we put all that!?

There are certain things we ALWAYS buy from Trader Joe's in my household - dish soap, pecans, Ezekiel bread, tofu & tempeh, chips & salsa - because those things are always a LOT cheaper there. But some other Trader Joe's stuff annoys me because it is so mega-packaged. Like we got these DELICIOUS crackers once that I can't ever justify buying again because they are INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED! Crackers! Unbelievable ;)