Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is Love!

I am participating in Gala Darling's Things I Love Thursday this week! I have a lot to love...

I love Unity's Daily Word. I read it every day, and it is wonderful inspiration. I also have a little Lent booklet that I've been reading every day, along with the daily studies in "Keeping a True Lent" by Charles Fillmore.

I love synchronicity, where things I read in "Keeping a True Lent", or in minimalist/simple living blogs, reflect the work I am doing in my life right now.

I love the 365 Less Things blog. It's run by a woman named Colleen who is getting rid of (at least) one material item every day. I love this concept! Every Monday she posts "mini missions" (what a great phrase!). This week she posted a list of daily motivators for clutter clearing - Monday get rid of something outgrown, Tuesday something you feel guilty about, etc. I am so excited by this idea. I've done it every day this week. It's a fantastic push to re-examine something you've over-looked, assuming it was going to stay put! I am going to do a post about my findings next Monday.

I love opening up. I love that just a loving focus can allow the opening up, in places and with ideas that I never even imagined possible for me. Through clutter clearing and Unity teaching, I am discovering that which always has been, and it is awesome. I am having realizations and making plans that only days ago I pushed aside as impractical, or not fitting me. I am learning that there are no limitations to Good.

Shifting gears, I also LOVE THE FROGS. Apparently All Tomorrow's Parties, curated by Animal Collective (I'm not a fan; Kaden is) features The Frogs playing the whole album "It's Only Right and Natural" - the weekend of my birthday! Now if I had known that several months ago, maybe maybe we really could have gone to Europe. But we don't have passports so it's an impossibility - but I STILL LOVE THAT IT'S HAPPENING.

I also love Sonic Youth's "most recent" album (though almost 2 years old), "The Eternal". It's devoid of the creepy melancholy of their previous several albums, which I love but are usually too dark for me to enjoy. "The Eternal" is joyful, and it's good, and it's almost like a younger band emulating Sonic Youth. I like it.

ps. oh and also, when Kaden came in from his jog this morning - it was still dark - he SMELLED like Spring! I also noticed this when I came out of my class at Unity last night - it SMELLS GOOD outside!

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