Monday, May 2, 2011

Dreams & Goals or Just Being.

A comment by Jenny of Ex Consumer on Deb's recent blog post led me to a funny realization about myself. Jenny wrote "I can’t fathom not having dreams or goals. Perhaps someday I’ll get to the place of quiet contentment with just being." And I was like - oh - maybe that's kind of how I've always been! My dreams and goals have always been VERY vague, and especially in recent years I've felt pretty comfortable with trusting the universe. I take what I get and I like it! I have never been very goal-oriented, and I always blamed it on laziness or indecisiveness. But maybe it's not always a bad thing! Maybe it's cool to be happy where you are!

Recently, my mom told me that my sister wanted to quit her job and "take the summer off". She is 22, just finishing her 2-year degree after 4 years, and still lives with my folks, never having moved out. I was so annoyed for about a week. Who does she think she is? that's not how the real world works! I prayed to be able to accept my sister as she is. And I finally came to the realization that the choices she has made allow her to be in that position. I made different choices; I moved into my own apartment a month before my high school graduation and worked full time in fast food, because smoking weed was my priority! I don't regret my choices at all, and I'm very, very happy to have adult responsibilities! If my sister does not want to take on adult responsibilities, that's her choice to make.

Somewhat related, I began reading Your Money or Your Life in earnest (I've had it for several months). I hope it changes my life, and maybe someday I can "take the summer off", too!


Cat's Meow said...

I'm like that too- no goals. I just want to live my life in peace. I used to be more ambitious, but it clashed with my procrastinating introverted sit-and-do-nothing personality :) So I wasn't very happy, always thinking I should be somewhere else, do more, achieve "something". I'm just so much happier being content with what I have and not striving for anything. And yes, it's all about priorities. Since I don't dream about material possessions (or smoke pot!;D ) I don't feel like I oughta try to figure out how to make a lot of money.

Jenny @ exconsumer said...

Thanks for the mention and link Liina! ;)

I've just always had goals. It's how I get from point a to point b without feeling like the world is tossing me around. I typed that I realized something. Perhaps my need for goals is a control thing.

My husband is like you and is content to float along peacefully. It sounds incredible, I'm just not there yet. :)

Liina said...

I don't think having or not-having goals is good or bad - just different personality types! I've always wondered what was "wrong" with me, since I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life - so now I recognize, maybe I don't have to!