Friday, September 24, 2010

Blowing my Mind.

Today is like the best day ever. My mind is being blown by many things.

First, Riot Grrrl is the theme for the week. I started reading The Style Rookie after seeing an article about her in The New Yorker. This led me to the realization that RIOT GRRRL IS REALLY HOT RIGHT NOW. I read on Kathleen Hanna's blog that she feels more supported now than she ever did while Bikini Kill was performing.

Second, there is all this NEW CURRENT music that is BITCHIN. Kaden fell in love last night (on with Black Angels ("neo-psychedelic drone rock"). They are playing a tour in November with Black Mountain and (!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!) it is called "The Dropout Boogie" tour! Of course Dropout Boogie (or as I like to call it Drop Out Boogie) is a phrase very near & dear to me, as I have called myself that online for several years! The Black Angels singer (male?) sounds just like Grace Slick! In other music news, this other band we listened to, which I read about in last week's Stranger, is Grass Widow. They're like "Quix*o*tic but not quite as dark", or, Twee, as Kaden called them.

I am so excited, like, physically excited about this new music. Still diving deeper into Avi Buffalo AND I just ordered
"EVOL" on 180g vinyl.

Third: PJ Harvey just gets younger & more gorgeous as the years go by!

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