Thursday, September 9, 2010

Love & Marriage.

Kaden & I are getting married on September 18. I have been referring to it as "my semi-secret micro wedding." It took us a very long time (nearly 7 years) to decide to have a ceremony with family & friends. Marriage vows seem to me an exceptionally intimate exchange, and still, with 9 days left, I don't necessarily want to do this in front of even the 16 people invited. But I will, because it is important to them. And I'm sure it will be fun. Cree & Kristina are preparing the food - build your own sandwiches & salad bar. Bearded Lady Food Company is providing the cake! It will be almond poppyseed. We are holding it at Kaden's parents house in Woodinville. Their long-time next door neighbor, Claire, will be the Officiant; we've created our own brief ceremony & simple vows. My sister, Laila, has been so incredible & sweet to me during this planning process. She works at David's Bridal, but knows me well & knows I am not looking for traditional &/or excessively materialistic themes. In fact we are trying to keep this event as LOW BUDGET AS POSSIBLE. I am really interested to see what the grand total comes out to be. Anyway I wanted to be casual ("this is an informal event, please dress however you feel most comfortable") but on a whim I tried on this INCREDIBLE POOFY DRESS (at David's Bridal)...and it was THE ONE. So what can you do. I'm wearing it with white Chucks. Laila is decorating a veil for me - and it is SO AMAZING. She is very humble about it, but it is so beautiful; she has been so creative! I can't stop showering her with thanks.

Today we are getting our marriage license. Meeting with Melanie & Jordan about the cake. Picking up our rings, which were hand crafted by a local jewelry artist.

We FINALLY last night figured out what we're going to do for our "honeymoon." Since we planned this on very short notice - deciding on the date only a month ago - and since we work at the same company right now, we can't take an extended vacation. So we're thrilled to be spending a night at McMenamin's Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, Oregon. It is exactly, EXACTLY what we want to do, and so reasonably priced. After that we'll spend a day driving & hiking on the Oregon coast. Also EXACTLY what we want to do.

I'm getting really excited! It is going to be a wonderful time, from start to finish!

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