Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aquamarine/Right Now.

When designing our custom-made wedding rings, I decided, for no reason besides it's "milky" appearance, that I wanted to use aquamarine. Since then, I have fallen in love with it. Furthermore, Laila made me a BEAUTIFUL aquamarine necklace, which I wore at the wedding, and have wanted to wear just about every day since then. It is the perfect length (rests just about at my collarbone), and is elegant without being fancy or precious. I was curious about what kind of power or influence wearing this gem might have on my life, and this is what I discovered.

via annemeplon.com


Aligns the etheric and mental bodies. It assists one in honoring their spiritual experiences as their own and using those experiences to further their own growth.
Physical: Cleanses the physical body by directly strengthening the organs that perform that function. It strengthens and flushes the lymphatic system.
Emotional: Reduces fear and stimulates self expression. Helps one to communicate compassionately and to feel safe while moving through the changes of life.

I think that is just perfect for me right now.

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