Thursday, February 24, 2011

Always decluttering.

Last night I did the kitchen - food shelves, "junk drawer", utensil drawer, and freezer. There is no more JUNK DRAWER, yessssssss. It is now actually a kitchen drawer, with food wrap & baggies, and a few additional utensils. I relocated stuff that would be more effective elsewhere - Kaden's grandpa's old pipe, pens and pencils, duct tape, a big nasty folding knife my dad gave us. I also got rid of some stuff, like the excess of match books, and all of the yucky beige rubber bands, keeping only the neon colored ones haha. The work I did was mostly organizing, though I did get rid of a lot of utensils, and a couple of stale/mystery items in the cupboard and freezer. I also got rid of a couple of towels and a silly vintage apron that I definitely will never utilize.

Then I did my shoes - only getting rid of 3 pairs, but my shoe collection is not extreme to begin with, and I do wear all of them. Upon sweeping out the front closet (where shoes are kept), I realized we don't need a vacuum cleaner! We have hardwood floors, and if we ever have carpet again, we can purchase a vacuum we like. Kaden hated the one we have. So I'm trying to give it away for free on Facebook. If none of my friends want it for free, I'll try to sell it on Craigslist for a couple bucks.

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