Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I Luv

My husband, Kaden. He says shit like "I need some more rare old-time string band music", and hand-crafts English Muffins from his own sourdough starter, which he coddled and fed all week. DAMN. Am I lucky or what?

I love love love decluttering and organizing. It is absolutely my favorite thing to do. What if I complete it? Hahaha, no, there is always something more to get rid of! And then there is my parents' whole home & property with multiple sheds. Yesssssss.

Minimalist Blogs. Enjoying the stories & concepts so much.

"Nightmare" by Artie Shaw b/w George Strait's "Amarillo by Morning". I LOVE my musical life. We just started using an iPod for the first time, and it is both funny, cool, and annoying what it chooses to play of the 1116 songs that are on it.

Free Radio Olympia. Oooooh I love it. Probably about 75% of what they play I haven't heard before, and 90% of it is good. I LOVE how they mix up old-timey, psychedelic, hardcore, old-school rap, lo-fi electronic, riot grrrl...ALL OF IT. It's the same way we play music, only different songs.
I listen to it every night while I'm in the kitchen cooking and/or cleaning.

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