Thursday, February 10, 2011

Loving Things on a Thursday

I love Roses! I didn't know it until this morning, when I started working on a book about Roses (I work at a small book printing company, preparing customer-designed PDFs). My favorite was Disco Dancer!

I love my new haircut. It's a little bit Louise Brooks &/or 60s a-line bob.

I love Unity of Olympia Church. I went there for the first time last Sunday, and it felt *so right*. I'm really excited to learn more & maybe become a member.

I love spending time with my sister! I'm taking tomorrow off work & we are going to Seattle.

I love sexy mornings.

I love organizing things (not events - things). I'm pretty sure it's my life's calling. I'm going to start looking into being certified as a professional organizer.

To that end, I love books about clutter clearing & organizing. I have one coming in the mail, and a new one added to my Wishlist that sounds really exciting.

I'm just kinda pretty stoked on life this week. Pretty majorly.

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