Friday, February 18, 2011


I'm attracted to lots of different kinds of home design. See my Tumblr for proof of that. I do generally tend towards "maximalist" decorating. I am working towards minimalism, "one item at a time" (as I wrote on facebook). It's kind of a joke - I don't envision myself becoming a minimalist by anyone's definition - but stranger things have happened! I have been *very* inspired by some minimalist websites lately: Miss Minimalist and Minimalist Packrat. Picking an article here & an article there from their blogs over the past week has lit a fire under my ass. Interestingly, my first step was to deconstruct pretty much all of the decorating in the two photos a few posts down. It was too much going on in the bedroom. I'll be posting more home photos next week.

The next step is going to be getting rid of the clock in our bedroom. It makes an awful low buzzing sound 100% of the time. Kaden always sets the alarm on his phone. I am a notorious snooze-buttoner, but no more! The last two days I didn't use my alarm at all, just went by Kaden's phone. I also trained myself last night to not look at the time when I wake up - just know that if the alarm hasn't gone up yet, it's not time to get up. I don't need to KNOW exactly how many hours I have left when I wake up! It's a pretty silly thing most people think they need, and I just realized I don't need it.

I'm working on thoroughly going through all of my belongings, as I did last March-June. The hanging part of my wardrobe is down to 48 items, which is a pretty massive change - I think I had 90 or so hanging pieces when we lived in Bellingham. I have two drawers in our dresser. One has unmentionables, exercise clothes, and pajamas; the other t-shirts, tank tops & pants.

Another important step is going to be selling a bunch of semi-valuable (beer mirrors??) stuff on Craigslist. We don't decorate with Beer any more, but we have some pretty sweet mirrors. I hope we can get a little chunk of cash for them!


Tanja from Minimalist Packrat said...

Beer mirrors! I love it. It's funny how tastes can change. I too used to have a thousand and one pictures on my walls. I thought if a wall was empty there was something wrong with it. :0

Can't wait to see the transformations and I hope those beer mirrors go for a thousand bucks!


Liina said...

Thanks for the comment, Tanja!

My beer mirrors are pretty cool, and were great for decorating in my early 20s! I still think they'd be good in a "man cave" ha ha.

No one has followed through on purchasing them. I think I'm going to donate them to a community rummage sale =)